Accepting and Embracing the Uncertain

Fear. As a species, we’re too afraid of the unknown. As a result, we go to great lengths and hardships to behave in a way or establish a life that we think will enable our ability to control the possibility of any uncertainties arising. And it is this false belief that we have the power and responsibility to control what life throws at us that leads us to a great deal of unnecessary suffering. Some rush and settle what they actually desire for “security” -whatever that may mean to them. Consequently, this leads to a part of their life being filled up by someone or something less meant for them.This unavailability prevents the more appropriate person or experience from entering their life. In time, the rashness of their decision may become apparent to them and resentment may fester. Or in other cases, some may grow too attached to the notion that they have the power to control their life so that when any great unexpected upheaval occurs, they get caught up in how circumstances shouldn’t have turned out the way they have instead of accepting for the events that have transpired to be what is. They may frantically obsess over where they went wrong, and may even blame someone else for their problems.They struggle and refuse to accept the event. As a result, they risk never fully moving on and similarly, wallowing in the regrets of the past. Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t minimize or do our best to regulate the potential threats to our well-being. Far from it. But I am saying that we shouldn’t get too attached to the false idea that we can truly expect and control what life throws at us. By embracing and accepting uncertainty, we more readily allow ourselves to  bounce back from any great adversity. That’s what we’re really in control of – not what occurs, but how we react to it. By embracing and accepting uncertainty, we also open ourselves up to being able to trust that what is meant for us, will come to us. We won’t “settle” out of fear and will instead give ourselves a chance at a life with greater satisfaction. To me, this is an ideal way to live. With our arms outstretched, we welcome into our life an infinite potential of possibilities. Having said that, it is still a way of life I am practicing in living. While I know this to be true, I am also learning to let go of my own fears. It is a way of life I must reflect on each day. But I know it is possible and I see my progress. I have hope that one day I can live without fear.



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