My Yesterday – A Trip to the Falls

yours truly 2

(Me yesterday)


(Me on another day – climbing up to the pool)

Not a bad view, huh? Well, that’s what I thought as I gazed out at the gorgeous greenery before me. It’s only a short while ago that my dad decided to bring me to this spot that had laid hidden under my nose for all these years. It’s funny, really. There’s a waterfall on my island (just a few minutes down the hill from here!) that the rest of HK flocks to and it’s nothing in comparison to this gem of a place. By that I mean it’s much smaller and there’s barely any room in the pools…if they can even qualify as that given they’re so small, but to say call them puddles would be a stretch. Not to mention, they’ve not a sight like this to lay their eyes on since it’s on lower ground. Not that I’m complaining, of course. As a matter of fact, I quite prefer it that way. I’m glad that the path to this place is hidden among the trees and that only some of the locals (and their friends) are aware of it. Call me selfish but I’d rather the crowds stay away. This spot is my little place to retreat and relax. I find my peace here, and I’m incredibly lucky to be just a walk away. I invited one of my bests, Charlie to come over for a sleepover after work on Saturday and spent the entire Sunday soaking up the sun here on Lantau. She was happy to have a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, and awake to the sound of birds and breakfast in our front yard, which overlooked the fields and farms nearby.  I brought her to church, this spot right here where we had an unplanned dip in the pool (yes, I did dive in with that dress) and a good read (me), and sketch (her) until we decided to pack up and grab some seafood by the beach. As I write now, I recall how magical the day was – nothing really beats doing things you love with those you love. We ended the day on a Thai massage before we parted ways. If I was better with words, I could probably convey the beauty and happiness of it all more eloquently but I’m still learning to express myself through writing. I’m building on it. Hmm…I smile to myself now as I think about how blessed I am. Yeah, shit’s been rough lately (to put it mildly) and sometimes I still feel like throwing in the towel but it’s moments like this that keep me going – moments where I realize the value of what and who I have in my life. To quote a dear friend, I have to keep on swimming. Everything is temporary, and I will get through this, far stronger and more capable than before. Much love to everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful day.


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