Lazy Sunday

Back in Starbucks – my usual retreat here on the island whenever I hope to get some good work done. I’ve been feeling pretty great the past few days. Save for the morning, yesterday flew by without many disturbing intrusive thoughts, and today is even better. I’ve someone dear to me to thank for that. Because of their support, I was able to have my most normal day so far and spend a wonderful evening with my best friend and her boyfriend talking about anything and everything  from rape (yeah, I forgot how this came up), reddit, airline companies, landlords in HK, and so forth until we left the bar for the Thai place on Riverwalk where M, Maya’s boss busied herself with interrogating her boyfriend about his life, and their plans for their life as a couple. “What are you going to do when you get to Holland?”, “Are you guys going to get married?”, “When are you going to get married?”, “Why are you even going?”…and on and on it went. Boy, did I feel thankful to not be put in that hot seat. Maya, seizing an opportunity to leave, grabbed it and went over to another table to catch up one of the girls she worked with. So it was left to him and I to deal with the onslaught of questions that rained down upon him. Well, mostly him. All I could do was smile apologetically and try not to laugh. Sorry, bruv, you’re on your own here. Chinese ladies are hard to sway, and I wasn’t about to get in her way. Seeming to sense this, he relented and answered as much as he could as fast as I could. I did not envy him. Anyway – back to today. Went to church, sang my heart out and stayed after to grab lunch with everyone and celebrate Father A’s birthday seeing as we couldn’t while he was in Jerusalem for the past two weeks. It was nice to get to know a few of the other people there a bit more. They’re all very friendly and caring. I’ve seemed to have made quite the mix of friends in the last few months – from priests, nuns, monks, to travelers here and people I’ve met on my travels, and not to mention all the health professionals I’ve been working with – my psychiatrist, therapist, and social worker, etc. Oh yeah, how could I forget forming a closer relationship with one of my lecturer’s too when she opened up with struggles with her own mental health. Life just doesn’t seem to stop throwing you all sorts of things. Where was I before I trailed off…right, church. We’ll be heading to the parish in Cheung Chau next week instead, I can’t quite recall what it was they had going on there but sister M (yeah, another M), did mention there being something special and that she would attend so we decided we’d tag along as well. After all, I haven’t been on CC for a while and a change of scenery would be nice. Still pretty full now from all the food I stuffed myself with at the church. I could and may do with a nap before I continue on my already overdue assignment (though I should be getting an extension approved if I’m lucky). Oh yeah, just remembered I’d found out today that Father J (the Father I’m closest to) will be leaving at the end of the month to embark on his sabbatical and won’t return till probably the end of the year earliest so I’ve to make sure I get to see him in time before he goes. Yawn. Sleepy. Think I will definitely do with that nap after watching another Christian talk by Pastor Steven Furtick. He’s really good at what he does. After, I’ll ride back home for some quick shut eye before I pick myself back up again to work.


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