Infinite possibilities

How does it happen this way? When you hear someone say, and even though you try to convince yourself…it just doesn’t feel like it would ever be so. When you’re told it’ll pass, that it’s temporary. At the time, I just couldn’t believe it. No matter how many people told me. No matter how many times I tried to convince myself. Deep down, I didn’t believe it. But now here mere months later, the wounds in my body, mind, and soul have begun to heal. I don’t feel…glitchy anymore. Is this real? Have I really overcome it? I don’t look back. I have to leave it behind me, I tell myself. Take what I learnt from it and never forget. Finish off with the medication and continue on therapy but focus on forward. I’m here. And I’m no longer just clinging on. I’m on a solid platform, and before me I can now see what I thought I’d never again…infinite possibilities.


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