Start to the Day

Good morning! It’s almost 7 am and here I’m groggy as ever after having just managed to get myself up and out of bed and downstairs onto the…sofa. Well, baby steps. I’ll get up soon, I promise! At least I’m out of the room. I take a deep breath and sleepily take in my surroundings. There’s my cat Rue meowing away next me at to the foot of the sofa and my mother trying to make conversation as she fills herself a glass from the water cooler straight ahead. The fan is on its highest grade, and away over the head of the sofa I can hear the birds chirping through the window. What’s today have in store for me? I wonder. I know that I’ve an early day and have to get to TKO for a group project on interviewing parents on their experiences of raising a child with SEN in Hong Kong, then after I’m supposed to have lunch with a friend before he flies off to the UK for a year (though I now see I may have to reschedule as I’ve just remembered I have the interview), then perhaps I’ll head over to school early to get ahead on some assignments before my afternoon academic writing class. Sounds semi-productive. I could do more though. I’ve been meaning to especially make an effort to get back in shape. My last few trips out of the country (to Bali and Istanbul) have made me a bit of glutton and despite being back home for a good few weeks already, my body still demands on getting the same amount of food I consume on holiday…and I give in to it. Well, that’s got to change. Discipline. I’ll also have to formulate a plan on just exactly how to do that. I seem to work better whenever I have strict guidelines to adhere to. In the meantime, however, just making healthier food choices would be a priority. I could definitely take in more water and fruits, two things terribly lacking in my daily diet. Hmm…well, enough about food. I should probably get up and get dressed. At this rate I won’t make the morning mass so I’ll have to follow up on my own for today’s readings. Or if I’ve the time I could pop over to St. John Cathedral in Central. There won’t be a mass but sitting there is very calming. Ten past seven now, I’ll see if I can sneak in or short nap before I have to make my way out…


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