Cultivating Habit

So I’m trying to get in a habit of writing each day again. It’s a good outlet and helps me keep my thoughts organized. Yesterday was a pretty decent day. Started it off (though hurriedly as I was late) at an interview where, as a part of an assignment, we interviewed three parents on their experiences raising a deaf child. We discussed the quality of the early intervention programs in the city, as well as what they thought the government could do more in supporting families with children who have special needs. It was enlightening, and a very rich source of information that we’ll be sure to carefully and accurately share with the class because their perspective is so valuable and they deserve to be heard, especially by teachers in training. To the teachers, they gave their message of hope in that we would be patient and understanding with kids such as their own. Their lives aren’t easy, and our support would help ease the struggles they undoubtedly have to face in a society with still  such limited support for SEN students, and which is grossly uneducated on special educational needs and the lives of families who have them.


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