The Return

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(Source: improvephotography )

There it is again, that solid footing. I feel the ground beneath me and now I’m safe. I open my eyes and see myself high up on a mountain. All the world lies before me. Icy mountains stretch out before me, but I’m not cold. The cool wind envelops me in its warmth. In the distance, I see the sea, dancing along with the rhythm of my heart. I am alone, yet I don’t feel that way. God is with me. Behind me. Around me. In me. I’m never truly alone. I let out a hoot and laugh. I step towards the edge, stretch my arms out wide to my side and fall.  Eyes closed, I feel the rush of the air against my face, my entire body. It’s thrilling. I squeal in joy and just before I hit the ground, I open my eyes and feel wings burst from my back. Hollering in triumph I spin upwards, swaying with ease to both my left and right. My eyes are on the shore. I’m coming home. At long last. I see them all. Smiling, waiting expectantly. I shoot forward, eyes on all the love welcoming me back.


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