Lazy Morning


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Uh, that Milo drink…yeah, for the lactose intolerant it definitely wasn’t the best idea. Can’t help myself sometimes, everything that tastes heavenly to me just happens to contain well, lactose. It’s only after that I cuss myself for having done it again. It’s just that soy or almond milk doesn’t cut it sometimes. Taste wise, anyway. Or maybe that’s just me. I can be quite picky. Hmm on another note that doesn’t involve my stomach troubles and a lack of discipline in regards to what I consume, it’s a swell day. It’s not too hot or cold, the sun is out and there’s a nice breeze going about. No doubt my cat’s realized it’s the perfect weather and so he’s been yeowling nonstop to go out and explore. I try to give him a good dose of the outdoors as often as possible but lately he’s been a bit of handful dashing across the neighbor’s fields and beyond. I don’t fancy climbing over fencing and trekking after him just this moment. I think he realizes this but my cat gives persistence a whole new meaning. It’s almost admirable. Let’s see…what’s on the agenda today…well, I’ve a persuasive speech to work on that’s due this afternoon, and need to attend a class where I’ll be watching a peer perform hers…other than that, yup it’s a pretty chill day so I’ll be heading out after to see one of my bests at her boyfriend’s place with a few others. I say her boyfriend’s place but it’s practically theirs now. He’s leaving soon, the guy. In just a few days time. To Holland for a masters’ program. Won’t be easy for her, no doubt but I reckon and hope she’ll adjust. I just sent my own a few days ago back to Turkey on Saturday. It’s not easy. I’m still adjusting to not having him by me. But a routine, friends, and family definitely go miles in readjusting. Looking at the time now, I’ve less than an hour to get off my bum, get ready, and be on the ferry. On second thought, maybe it isn’t so warm. Well, the thought of having a shower in this weather makes me shiver. It’s only 16 degrees, but that’s enough for me. Never took to kindly to the cold. Till a later post, then.



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