J1: test
J2: hey j
J1: Hey
J2: Does this feel weird to you?
J1: Nah. It feels right
J2: I guess that’s just what we want
J1: Someone to talk to
J2: Who understands us
J1: the hurt, pain, and the emptiness
J2: but the good too
J1: This makes me want to cry
J2: Why
J1: because
 other than you, who is there
 to give us just that
 to make us feel less alone?
J2: God.
J1: I don’t feel him
 I used to
but not anymore
I don’t know what happened
J2: Me neither
 But I do know that we need to hold to our faith
and be steadfast in it
 J1: I love you, J.
 J2: Bittersweet, eh? The reminder
 J1: Aye
J2: I love you too

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